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MATTHEW:  Your dictionary definition of synchronicity is sadly lacking.  Synchronicity is nothing less than the universe in operation!  What you perceive as random events, chance meetings, good or bad luck, isolated incidents, and especially what you call “coincidences” actually are energy in motion in perfectly defined and aligned directions to achieve specific results.

The synchronous process is like a stretch of dominoes on end—when the first falls against the second, a chain reaction flows until the last domino has fallen.  While that is the simplest way to explain the workings of synchronicity insofar as one situation affecting the next and the next and so on, it is not an accurate explanation because the domino line had a first and last object.  Synchronicity has no beginning and no ending—like the universe, it always is in motion—and synchronous happenings are not as obvious as a straight line.  True, certain happenings in a lifetime stand out from the myriad others because of their greater importance, and  direct tie-ins to those may be held in significance as well, but those, too, are surrounded by the “before” and the “after.”

Synchronicity is the series of situations required to manifest the intended result of all the players.  Please don’t take offense at my term “players.”  If you could know the profound importance to your soul of your consciousness acting upon your variety of inspirations, motivations and intuitions, yet the simple reason for ALL the happenings, you would understand that Earth is a stage for all of you to play out the karmic roles you chose.  The “importance” is the soul’s chosen mission that is being relayed to your consciousness via those nudgings; the “simple reason” for all happenings is that you manifested them by your free will choices.

There is no limit to the number of players, no limit to the events in the proper sequence, and no limit to the distance that may separate the people involved. Usually the players have no awareness of their indispensable link in the chain reaction, and most often it is only in retrospect that individuals may realize that a series of seemingly unrelated people and events had led them to exactly where they are.  But other times, at least in a small pocket of a lifetime, the players do recognize how others’ meaningful entry into their lives had a profound effect.

You do of course participate in synchronous happenings, but you are not responsible for creating the circumstances or contacting the people who will be the links.  Countless sources of energy come into play for each life, arranging the opportunities for connecting the links.  But as always, free will is honored, so at each “open door”—or, new acquaintance or event—everyone may respond as he or she wishes.

My mother has been given guidance by the Council of Nirvana, acting on the selection by God of all material in the Matthew Books, to include in this one the stories of some who have written about the effects of the books and my posted messages in their lives. It is unlikely that all see the synchronicity involved, and it is not a requirement that they do.  However, the value of recognizing that nothing happens by coincidence cannot be emphasized too strongly.  It invites—compels!—you to look at your life in a new light by understanding the significance of the synchronous threads that have woven its design.

When you realize that happenings are purposeful, that they are guidelines and open doorways to karmic completion, you can proceed with more confidence, more excitement, more fulfillment and joy as you live this life in preparation for the next.

Voices of the UniverseVoices of the Universe
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