June 5, 2004

Do not go into fear over fear-filled reports; manipulation of economies; US bankrupt; ETs’ technology prevents major terrorist threats; reasons to suspect US administration in 9/11

Matthew, dear, you said you want to give me a message for sending out.

Yes, Mother, I do. Fear-filled reports are flying on the Internet and in your mainstream media covering all bases from natural disasters to a crash in the world economy to heightened terror alerts. Although some of these are put out with good intentions to inform of impending or potential events, as usual some are strategically designed to instill fear and thus your discernment of all available information is necessary.

Before I address these current reports, I want to emphasize yet once again that Earth is moving in accordance with her intention to reach fourth density and proceed into fifth. Please do not let fear deter you from going along with her! I ask that you keep this in mind as I continue.

You may instantly dismiss all reports of natural disasters changing coastlines, submerging islands, or destruction of vast areas. While there will be more quakes and volcanic eruptions and storms to further relieve negativity, nothing of the predicted severity will happen, and your extraterrestrial brothers and sisters have the technology to greatly alleviate the effects of the forthcoming necessary geological events just as they have been doing for decades.

Generally I do not speak in great detail about situations nor do I address the United States economy, but that situation is becoming an alarm bell that, considering its domino effects, is ranking in potential ramifications with terrorism. The latter long has been at the forefront of your news reports by dark intention, and the former has been kept from you until no longer can the state of the economy remain hidden.

Mother, twice recently you have been asked by individuals about matters related to money, and in both cases I replied that a renewed and stronger attack on all avenues of funding for light services and products has been initiated by the dark forces. I advised the requestors’ that anticipated funding would be delayed, but to keep focused positively and eventually the money would be available.

This applies well beyond the plans of light-filled individuals being suspended temporarily-it is a global situation that will have repercussion from top to bottom. This is not surprising to thinking minds that have been seeing stock markets bloated beyond a modicum of good sense. The United States, considered the wealthiest country on the planet, would be more accurately denoted as bankrupt.

Except at the higher levels, there is a perpetual cycle of investment and loss, rising prices and reduced or lost incomes. Property is being purchased with minimum down payments and low interest rates, and increasingly owners are losing their jobs and thence their homes. Unemployment figures are much higher than reported; corporate mergers that wipe out smaller businesses and theft by top management continue; and retirement funds have been stolen by the billions, creating financial hardship for people who depend upon those to sustain them after their working years. Whether out of necessity or frivolous spending, credit card use with its usurious interest rates adds to the worsening situation. Diverting your attention from these situations is the media’s emphasis on trivial matters and entertainment and the meaningless promises of the two leading presidential candidates.

Further, income tax laws allow great loopholes for the wealthiest while additionally burdening those who still have small incomes. At this point, few people are aware that the Federal Reserve System that governs the United States’ monetary system is not part of that government but rather is a banking consortium with the Internal Revenue Service as its private tax collector. Most of the unprecedented national debt is owed to the Federal Reserve System, which orders currency to be printed by the Treasury Department, buys it at a tiny fraction of the face value and then lends it to the government at actual face value. Not only is this usury on a gargantuan scale, but there is no foundation whatsoever for all the Federal Reserve notes in circulation.

A severe imbalance like this cannot be sustained by individuals or a nation-and the imbalance WILL BE righted, do not doubt this! But in the short-term, financial situations will continue to deteriorate until reforms are in place to turn this around.

Although I am speaking for myself today and not as the appointed spokesperson for many, in this I can say “we” because at this vibrational level, all souls know that NESARA-National Economic Security and Reformation Act-must be implemented before desperately needed economic and political reforms can be instituted. We are equally aware that just as there are people dedicated to making this US legislation known in that country as well as the rest of the world, there also are non-believers. That is understandable, as the act is being denied by the very ones who will lose their power as soon as it is implemented. And the masses are not yet aware that this divinely inspired program based on US constitutional law exists.

I repeat what I have said before: Your world’s good fortune in this instance is that familiarity with NESARA or belief in it isn’t necessary-your steadfast thoughts and desires for peace and harmony are enough, as their collective energy is what is manifesting a world of love and peace. That is the intent of NESARA, to end the reign of the dark powers that generation after generation have initiated all forms of violence, unjustness, suffering, disease and inequity for millennia.

Specifically the act’s provisions include constitutional means to end the current unlawfully elected presidential administration; reverse its policies that are so destructive to all life forms on Earth; and cancel the Federal Reserve’s hold on the US economy, which reverberates globally, and restore a sound basis of precious metals to the monetary system. Where any truthful information about the rampant deception and corruption of this current regime-and many before it-is known, surely these measures can be recognized as essential preludes to your living in a harmonious world!

Not all members of the current Congress and all government agencies approve of the president’s draconian efforts to control the affairs of other countries even as domestic affairs are reaching untenable levels of hardship and injustice. Moreover, it is in conjunction with powerful persons of equally dark intent throughout the world that this administration’s aims are not national security, but world domination.

And that brings me back to the issue of global terrorism that often I have addressed in prior messages. Are the warnings valid of new and perhaps even more broadly-based terror attempts prior to the US election? Yes, they are indeed valid, and how could they not be when the very same few people who order the warnings to be reported are the ones who plan and direct the terrorist activities?

They directed the September 11, 2001, coordination of planes hitting the twin towers and the destruction of part of the Pentagon and the crash of the plane in a field. The truth of this will be exposed sufficiently to implicate the instigators at a level where thinking minds will know that the highest officials were complicit in planning and executing those events.

Before I speak more of that day, I shall repeat what always I have said in conjunction with the validity of terrorist alerts. The aid of civilizations far advanced of you spiritually, intellectually and technologically has been and will continue to be at the ready to prevent the direst of the predictions, from major explosions to nuclear war.

Although monitoring has been diligent, false information by one of the dark forces misguided the Earth teams so that prevention of the train bombings in Spain was thwarted, and since that time, scrutiny has been tightened both on the surface and beyond the planet. Additional ETs with extraordinary powers of both perception and self-protection have taken form on the planet, surveillance teams in spacecraft have increased their vigilant missions, and the reporting systems between them and their colleagues on Earth have been expanded. And not least, people formerly convinced that they were being truthfully informed now are realizing that they were supporting the dark side, and they have joined the ranks of the active lightworkers.

Now then, I shall mention some of the facts of 9/11 that we in these stations of light know as truth and that can be verified by those among you who are considered experts in their fields. The planes were remotely controlled by measures designed to override any manual maneuvers by pilots. The towers were designed to withstand the force of the largest planes hitting them directly. The towers collapsed due to controlled demolition measures, by explosives strategically located and detonated in timely rhythm; witnesses reported hearing explosions prior to the buildings falling.

Both the Pentagon and the plane that crashed in the field were hit by scalar beam weaponry. Regarding the Pentagon, the beams were aimed at the section where a communications group had been recently relocated. Results of a major airliner hitting that building at top speed would have penetrated more deeply and devastated more broadly than photos of the destruction showed; further, no one saw any plane approaching that building and there was no way a plane could have struck as the damage showed without being seen at near ground level.

There is much more to consider concerning all that happened that day: Why were many employees in the towers warned prior to September 11th not to report for work that day? Why were standard procedures for intercept planes in no-fly zones not followed, and especially so around the Pentagon after the towers were struck?

Why was the debris of the towers so quickly collected and disposed of? Where were the remains of the plane claimed to have hit the Pentagon and why were no bodies recovered from the tail section? Why were the “black boxes,” designed to withstand far more heat and impact than they sustained, declared destroyed? Why, within a day or two, were 19 terrorists identified by name and photos, and later, when it was discovered that several were alive, was there no widespread challenge to the original report? Why, after being informed of the first tower being hit, did the US president continue to spend time with young school children instead of immediately departing the room to act as a responsible Commander in Chief would have?

Many other aspects of that day also point to the culpable parties, who needed something of that shocking and tragic nature to start the “war on terrorism” by causing the justification for it. This is what you are seeing today, the extension of the dark plans to weaken not only the invaded countries, but ultimately all countries on the road to global control. This will not happen!

Not only I, but other high beings of light have been sending forth this assurance through respected messengers on the planet. We have repeatedly stated the need for you to send love energy to the dark ones as that is the most powerful healing force in the universe. Not hatred of them, but focusing on the opposite of their actions-on peace, justness, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, cooperation-is what will end the darkness on Earth.

We have asked that you participate in this transition because that is your soul level choice, but do not to set a timetable for the completion of Earth’s journey out of darkness. Know that in every moment you have the assistance of your ET family, in every moment hearts and minds are opening and the love-light is expanding, in every moment you are traveling into the higher vibrations of the promised Golden Age, the era of Earth’s return to her Eden self.

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