June 18, 2004

Scientific evidence of changing DNA; comments about 2012; we chose to participate in Earth’s ascension process; knowing truth prepares spiritually for changes

Good morning, sweetheart! Please comment on this article.

Good morning to you, dear soul! With pleasure I’ll comment. We enthusiastically greet this scientist’s explicit and articulate report of what many of us have been telling you about the light changing bodies at cellular level from carbon-based to crystalline, and especially we are delighted that the spiritual aspects are so clearly enunciated in this masterful explanation. The scientist was “inspired” to discover the changing DNA structure and align it with spiritual development—this is within the pre-birth agreement. For me to say anything else would be repetitious, so I add only that we fervently hope this information becomes widely disseminated and welcomed there.

I’ve had some feedback that your last message about the U.S. and world economy was distressing. Can you say anything that’s more encouraging about it?

Mother, I reported this situation as it is. Isn’t it more prudent to be aware of the actual state of economic conditions so you can prepare to whatever extent possible rather than be oblivious a bit longer and then be shocked? Please remember that I specified “short term” in this respect, which IS encouraging, isn’t it?

In this time of the dark power unraveling as more and more light is reaching people and raising their conscious awareness about what has long been hidden, money control is the last fortress of the dark forces. Some weeks ago in reply to a private request about release of funding for a most important project, I advised that the funds would be held up but eventually would be available. This applies across the board to light services and products that directly impact upon areas where the darkness realizes its control is shifting because collectively your energy is manifesting beneficial changes.

Times of transition can be far less difficult when there is understanding of what is transpiring and especially when the outcome is known to be what many call the Golden Age. Perhaps it will be helpful if again I mention the significance of the year 2012 that is becoming more commonly discussed. This time frame less than eight years hence is not the beginning of that glorious era—it is the END of the darkness that has caused massive suffering on and for Earth!

The transition started about six decades past but only recently is becoming recognized in such ways as climate change, the sense of time passing ever more quickly, and perhaps the still mysterious effects of energy acceleration on mind, body and emotions. However, the most dramatic change is the growing acceptance that extraterrestrial spacecraft are around your planet and their occupants are there for peaceful purposes.

That’s what’s most comforting to me!

Mother, you might be surprised to know how many there are sharing your feeling! While this God-sent assistance has been essential for Earth herself to rise out of the negativity that has been trapping her, it’s just as essential for you to understand that you chose to be there specifically to participate in this unprecedented planetary ascension. It is a collaborative effort between all of you and our “space” family, not theirs alone. Light is being beamed steadily to those who are faltering in remembering their soul contracts, and we ask that you who are attuned to your chosen missions send love-light to those who are lagging.

Matthew, about the beginning of the Golden Age—can that happen before 2012 if the “laggers” catch up or leave by physical death?

As I’ve mentioned often, Earth time is an illusion that exists nowhere else in this universe, and that year is only your current perception of “future.” The sense of “time passing faster” is your interpretation of what actually is occurring, the acceleration of energy as your planet is rising into higher frequencies. The more light absorbed by Earth through the collective light absorbed by her population, the more rapid will be her ascension into higher vibrational levels and correspondingly the more rapidly your “time will pass.”

Mother, when you and I first connected over ten years ago, I told you that a calendar week actually was about five days of your former “time” sensation. Now it is less than three days. Your perception that time is hastening by will continue with energy’s acceleration as more light joins that which already is anchored on the planet, thus 7½ years will be accelerated in kind. The date 2012 is not important of itself—how quickly it arrives IS, and it is within your province to speed this up by holding and spreading the light.

Am I understanding this correctly, Mash—7½ years actually can be condensed into a much shorter time by increasing the light here even though it’s still a valid calendar date?

Well, let’s say “semi-valid,” because as your years go by more swiftly, you will understand the universal continuum where your time and distance aren’t applicable. Everything is energy vibrating at one measure of density or another, and the more light within souls, the closer your current “time” and “distance” with All That Is until you consciously are within this truth.

OK, I think I understand this, but do certain things have to be done to speed up 2012’s arrival or will that happen regardless of what transpires here?

This is a matter of what will seem to be happening within your time structure rather than what “needs to be done.” Our messages through clear spiritual channels long have emphasized that Earth is ascending regardless of what anyone there “does,” but what we devoutly hope is that at least most, if not all of you, will “see the light” and accompany her. As more souls are receptive to the light, the faster it will seem that you are approaching 2012. Mother, I don’t know how to explain this more clearly, so please just know that holding steadfast to the vision of your world in peace and harmony is in itself adding to the energy that is bringing this to you.

OK, dear. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Yes, thank you. Messages from these dimensions of love must be in truth and not only a rosy illusion that actually would be a DElusion and not serve you well. We wish to enlighten and advise you as well as comfort you so you are spiritually prepared not only to greet Earth’s Eden self, but to contribute as you eagerly chose to do before your birth. Please help in this by staying strongly committed to your soul contract and do not be disheartened by our words about the transition that may seem difficult to hear. You who remain strong in spirit are prepared!

Know that we continuously are beaming light to you just as to those who falter and allow fear to enter their being and to those who are holding fast to dark intentions. If only you could realize the vastness of the light coming from countless sources in the universe, your hearts would be uplifted immeasurably to hasten the moment when darkness succumbs to the brilliance, and love permeates Earth.

Thank you, Mother, for sending out this message.

Of course! It feels good to help in this little way.

Ah, ah, ah—NO way in which light is spread ever is “little”! EVERYONE needs to realize this! How often have I mentioned that a smile sends incalculable ripples of light? A kind word has the same effect. Watering a thirsty plant, an extra pat to your pet, a loving thought of a friend, the enjoyment of hearing a bird chirp—all of these simple expressions are LOVE-LIGHT flowing and healing your world!

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