July 9, 2007

Fire the Grid July 17th

This is Matthew with loving greetings and a most important postscript to my July 2 message.  This topic on my mother’s list became buried as she turned pages to locate questions related in nature, and both of us forgot it.  If any of you readers still may have the impression that souls in high stations have no frailties, now you know that is not so.  My mother and I did remember about our serious omission shortly after she sent out the message, and we had the good intention to follow that quickly with a note about this vitally significant event. That didn’t happen only because of several interruptions in my mother’s limited time to complete her speech and other preparations before departing for the Science, Spirit and World Transformation conference, from which she returned late last night.

Now then, the July 17th event that has become known as “Fire the Grid”—and is ideally named!—is supremely deserving of my first ever PS to a message.  It surely doesn’t need my endorsement, and that is not what I am doing.  Rather I am urging all who are unaware to read about this window of opportunity to join a dynamic worldwide throng whose energy outreach will blend with the in-surging light. The remarkable story of a young woman and her little son that led to her receiving organizing instructions for this unique global effort is at www.firethegrid.org, and I hope you will feel inspired to read it.

But briefly, Tuesday, July 17th, starting at 11:11 a.m. Greenwich time, an off-planet energy surge will activate the light grid surrounding Earth, and as your collective light mingles with that incoming energy, the unprecedented light intensity not only will “fire the grid,” but it will be anchored within selves and your planet.  Each soul participating will spend one hour, starting in the respective time zone, in contemplative BEing.  This can be whatever is most comfortable and familiar to you—meditation; prayer; envisioning Earth in golden white light; focusing on peace, harmony and cooperation among all humankind; feeling gratitude for life’s blessings and the natural beauty of your homeland planet; listening to quiet inspirational music; feeling connected with God and all other life throughout the universe; or any combination of those or whatever else fills your heart with light and your mind with peacefulness.

The healing love energy of lighted souls throughout the universe will be with you throughout that time of major importance in the transformation of your world.

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