February 20, 2004

US presidential directives and legislation regarding national emergencies; purpose of fear tactics

Matthew, as I was reading that email from Jean [Hudon– EarthRainbowNetwork], you said you have a comment.

Yes, Mother, I do, even though it is not addressing only those executive orders. From the beginning, presidential directives for handling national emergencies have had the same aim: federal control that extinguishes constitutional and God-given rights. Never has assistance to those who need help been the reason for establishing FEMA, although that agency’s personnel pop up in natural disaster areas to keep this pretense somewhat credible. The Patriot Act and Homeland Security are obvious attempts to bring a dictator and police state upon the nation, much like theUSgovernment has long supported in many other countries.

Your world is moving into higher frequencies where those global, not only national, domination aims of the elite group of controllers never will come to pass; however, it cannot be realistically expected that they will make no further major efforts to retain and extend their powers. They will. The same folks who decry global terrorism and claim to be making the world a safer place by pointing fingers at the “guilty” are the very ones behind the major terrorist activities. The more that this is being exposed or even speculated, the more they fear losing their dark control and thus the more desperate and blatant their acts to hold onto it.

We have told you that violence and bloodshed will continue until Earth has reached the level of vibrations where the darkness is vanquished, and she is steadily moving toward that plane along with all whose minds and hearts are in the light. We have said, too, that no nuclear detonations in space will be permitted and that extraterrestrial technology that already has thwarted such efforts also is ameliorating the effects of other vileness such as chemtrails; depleting uranium, which is not at all depleted; and manmade quakes, storms and volcanic eruptions. The same would hold true for any attempts toward mass annihilation by means of biological or chemical warfare.

But please do not have concerns about any need for that becoming likely. Regardless of what your government reports, the means for extensive use of such weaponry is available only to the controlling cabal, and they are not about to use it. Consider: How could they protect themselves and their minions evermore against its effects? How could they protect the many millions they need to produce everything from their food to their computers and provide their health care, transportation, even their custom-made tailoring? Teach what they want taught, defend what they need defended, or even tend their landscaping?

However, widespread talk of the lethal consequences of such warfare, by its favored name of weapons of mass destruction, cannot help but create fear. As intended! The energy of fear is incompatible with the energy of light, and as long as enough fear can be generated to keep souls from absorbing light, the elitist controllers think they win. They don’t and they won’t, but in their stubbornness and fear, they cannot comprehend that accepting the light, which is beaming more intensely in each moment, would not be their downfall—it would be their saving grace.

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