Revelations for a New Era

Revelations for a New EraRevelations for a New Era
Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth

The massive infusion of light from far distant sources that is enabling our world to undergo a total transformation is helping us to expand consciously and awaken spiritually.

Representatives of six civilizations speak about their people’s homeland, history, culture, appearance and how they are helping Earth and us to ascend out of third density, where darkness thrives.

Spiritual hierarchy blue dot God and Creator blue dot Universal energy blue dot Thought forms blue dot Soul, cumulative soul blue dot Parallel lives blue dot Intuition blue dot Karmic choices blue dot Polarity, duality blue dot Cetaceans blue dot Seeing the future blue dot Origin of Earth humankind blue dot Human cloning blue dot Mind control blue dot Abortion, birth control blue dot 2012, Earth’s Golden Age blue dot Spiritual response to “9/11” terrorism

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Readers’ Comments

“Matthew provides incredibly profound insight and understanding to the seemingly senseless time in which we live. Rather than judge current events as random, nonsensical acts, we are invited to step outside our programmed beliefs and open to the possibility of a much grander, divine unfolding with infinite wisdom guiding it. I truly appreciate Matthew’s sensitivity, his connection to the higher realms of truth, and his heartwarming, loving guidance.”

Joanne Bracken, Maryland

Revelations for a New Era is a treasure trove of information for humankind. It gives unprecedented instruction for happy and successful living in the world today and describes the intricacies of our after-transition destination. Not only are my own innumerable questions answered, but also those that I face as a minister, counselor, past life therapist and television show producer. Above all, it helps me to see my place in my own family structure, thus more deeply appreciating the individual qualities of each precious family member. This instruction manual is an invaluable guideline for all who seek deeper understanding of the vast and constant changes we continue to experience on all levels of our lives. I am so grateful to have this priceless information.”

Iris Freelander, D.D., California

“The Conversations with God series answered all of the most important questions of my life, but that led to a million new questions. Revelations for a New Era answered those; it is the ‘how it works’ of the new cosmology.”

Zurina Susan Abdullah, Malaysia

“Want to be totally enthralled and enlightened? Read Revelations for a New Era—it’s a synthesis of vital knowledge that it would take 100 other books to disclose! This book reveals how universal life began and the origin of humankind on Earth, and it tells how adult human cloning has been going on here for half a century. It explains why we MUST save whales and dolphins from being slaughtered and tells about the experimental animal and plant life on Jupiter and the evolution of Earth animals. It shows how we can see into the future and describes changes as Earth humanity transitions from 3rd dimensional “reality” into the 4th, and soon afterwards, the 5th. You’ll read the heavenly opinions about many controversial issues on Earth—and the one on physician-assisted suicide may surprise you! Various powerful beings from other regions of the Universe describe how they have helped keep Earth alive for the past 50+ years despite the massive attempts of a dark brotherhood to destroy us and our planet. These benevolent beings also describe their appearance and homelands and state they will have imminent public contact with us. You’ll understand how we’re all connected through energy and why your free will choices affect not only your life, but the entire planet. Read why Creator will not permit a nuclear war on Earth. And a great deal more! Revelations for a New Era satisfies the seeker of truth and spiritual knowledge like no other book I have ever read!”

Russ Michael, Austria
Author of 25 books

“The book embodies the very essence of being. It has simultaneously given me reassurance of self and opened a doorway into a universe of grand design. Thank you again for your efforts in enabling this material to be available for the benefit of all spirits.”

David Leas, New York

Revelations for a New Era is one of the most uplifting, inspiring and spiritually educational books you will ever read. It will answer any questions on spiritual topics you could pose, as well as give insight into what is happeniing today on the planet and in the etheric waves surrounding it. The answers to your most poignant questions are found through the spirit form of Matthew, Suzanne’s deceased son, whose merging with his Higher Self, or multi-selves, has given him greater insight into our world.”

Chris Hamilton, Australia
Author, On the Path to Enlightenment

Revelations for a New Era provides in plain language a comprehensive, multidimensional, highly conscious and concise spiritual overview of the radical transformations occurring on planet Earth. The astonishing scope and lucidity of the information transmitted by the disincarnate Matthew Ward to his earthbound mother Suzanne includes and corroborates almost every area of metaphysical enquiry. In view of recent paradigm-shaking events, this book is ESSENTIAL reading for anyone who urgently needs to understand our options at this critical juncture in our evolution. I am heartened and relieved to know that such empowering esoteric knowledge is now easily available to the reading public.”

Antares, Malaysia

Revelations for a New EraRevelations for a New Era
Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth

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