August 13, 2005

Status of potential Iran invasion and US mainland terrorist acts; fear factors; importance of steadfastness in the light

Matthew, I’m here to take your message. 

Mother, thank you on behalf of the host of souls in whose company I am.  Once again I have been requested by light beings at this universal viewing station to speak for us all.  We are here to inform you of potential events and urge you to stay steadfast in the light—do not give in to fear!

In my last message I spoke of the Illuminati’s desperation as they keep seeing their power ebbing and the madness that has permeated them to such extent that despite all logic, they are determined to wage war on still another front.  I also said that in the field of potential, energy momentum toward an invasion of Iran had moved from “possibility” status to “probability.”  As devoutly as we wish we could tell you that that status has reversed course, or even remained steady, we now can see that neither is a likely outcome.

We are NOT saying that invading Iran is cast in stone!  We are saying that it will take a monumental light effort to prevent it, and it is within your power to do this!  Due to the successful fright tactics of mainstream media particularly in the United States, the former intensity of light being generated by peace-loving peoples around the world has been dimmed by the ever encroaching fear.  At the same time some headlines blare Iran’s proceeding with nuclear development programs and the possibility that the US government will counter that with its nuclear power, other headlines are revisiting the terror of “9/11” and reporting “intelligence” information about imminent terrorist threats in mainland United States.

It is recognized there that fear paralyzes, and the Illuminati media controllers—willing puppets of the off-planet dark entities—are promulgating fear-filled news. The off-planet dark ones know that the energy of fear establishes a barrier between souls and light, and even more than before, alienating you from the light is their thrust.  The light has dimmed even in you who are praying for and working toward peace but have become fearful about a new warfront and catastrophic terrorism, and accordingly you cannot absorb the light being beamed to you by your space family.

It was the former brilliance of light on your planet that kept the field of potential war status at “possibility”—the status of thought forms about any and every kind of condition or situation—and it was the amount of light reduction that moved that status to “probability.”  At this point, the energy momentum of the dark has progressed to where attacks upon Iran can be avoided only by prompt elimination of the powerful fear that has infiltrated peoples around the world. The energy attachments of fear are fuel for the dark ones—at the same time that light loss from fear is debilitating you, it is empowering them.

This intensive fear-producing effort was not necessary prior to the invasion of Iraq.  Opposition to that was present, yes, but once the fear of global terrorism initiated by “9/11” subsided, there came a complacency that released the fear energy.  That long-intended invasion—planned years before “9/11,” which itself was part of the plan—proceeded with the support of those who were beguiled into believing the fraudulent reasons relentlessly put forth by the leaders of the US and British governments.

Growing awareness about the deceit underlying that war and the unanticipated strength of Iraqi opposition to occupation, which has produced many more troop deaths and injuries and much greater loss of fighting equipment and supplies than estimated, make war expansion raving lunacy.  Lunacy is the state of mind of those who are determined to press forward.

Growing awareness on another front is impelling their continuance of a world control plan gone terribly awry: the still unpublicized indictments with undeniable evidence that President Bush, Vice President Cheney and others lied about the reasons for needing to invade Iraq.  Because their efforts to date have been futile in squashing the legal proceedings, regardless of the obvious risks in spreading so thinly the available fighting forces, the Bush camp is obsessed with moving into Iran before the indictment documents become public knowledge. They are convinced that soon they will control most of the world’s oil, which will assure victory in obtaining all else they desire, and neither their nation’s laws nor world opinion will matter.

That conviction in itself shows how far lunacy has overtaken Bush and his endorsers because they know that a military move into Iran would be met by serious opposition. Whereas once the powerful Illuminati was unified in intent to proceed steadily toward global domination, the egos that arose split the force into two factions that have been waging an internal struggle for that prize, as they see it.  Both have CIA “black ops” agents within their camps, and terrorist acts have been committed by both.

These have aided both factions insofar as the resultant fear and other negativity, but at this point, it is all-out internal war, and that is why an invasion of Iran would bring into the fray an opposing force that the conquest of Iraq did not.  The non-Bush faction was quite content to let their opponent faction rush into Iraq and become continually weaker as that non-Bush faction supplied willing Iraqis with weapons and their CIA terrorists’ acts contributed to keeping the battles going.  Thus, what only appears to be US aggression is actually Illuminati infighting for the same goal.

It is logical to think: Does it matter which faction is dominant if both have the same intention?  It does only in the very short term as to what may ensue in the Mideast.  With all of their strongholds crumbling beyond repair, particularly in banking and economic areas and their influence in governments, the once-all powerful Illuminati is steadily disintegrating.  Many within its ranks have defected and become light warriors.  It is only those at the peak who are orchestrating the Mideast situation.

Strategically publicizing this as leading to World War III, and possibly a nuclear war at that, is the most successful of the fear factors.  We tell you: There will be NO nuclear war!  There will be no Third World War!  At most there would be a very temporary clash of the military forces commanded by the two Illuminati factions—anything beyond that would fall within God’s honoring Earth’s free will choice that no more acts of death and destruction on the scale of “9/11” shall occur.  If that clash does take place, you will see troops on both sides refusing to fight in such numbers that further combat is doomed. They will see weapons failing to function, vehicles that won’t move, missiles that fizzle—do not doubt that the technology of our space family can achieve this!—and even the Illuminati commanders will see the futility of continuing.

Now I shall digress a moment to reply to a question in some minds.  Readers familiar with my messages and the books know that often I have stated, there will be no nuclear detonations in space, and in my last message I explained why Creator made this exception to Its law of free will.  It is not an arbitrary decision that this does not apply equally to free will choices to use nuclear weaponry at ground level or the lower skies, where bodies but NOT souls can be destroyed by the explosions.

Regardless of how bodies die, and as tragic as the deaths are to the people who love those whose physical lives are lost, the souls are not damaged.  This is due to the difference in energy densities.  The lower density of Earth “muffles” the effects of nuclear matter and thus can protect the souls in near space or on the planet; it is in the frequencies of the higher, or lighter, densities where souls living as free spirits or those in astral travels have been damaged by nuclear explosions.  Any attempts at detonations beyond the “cut-off” line will be neutralized by the technology of our space light warriors who, in all attempt instances, have successfully accomplished this.

Now then, there also is much fear arising from speculation that the Bush administration will need a major terrorist act within US borders as the reason to invade Iran.  To the growing numbers who believe that “9/11” was the excuse for declaring war on Iraq, this is a logical fear.  We are aware of both the “intelligence” reports about those heavily populated cities as likely targets and the plans to take certain actions but not necessarily in line with the reports.  When Earth declared that she and her life forms never again would experience terrorist acts on that scale, God authorized members of our space family to intervene in any such attempts.  Intervention may not prevent all of the deaths and destruction, but it would dramatically reduce the intended scope.

Again we emphasize that a prompt turnaround from fearing these potential happenings can prevent them!  The power of the light is incalculable!  We ask that you stop focusing on the mainstream news that keeps fear building. The same with the Internet reports being circulated—some are thoughtful assessments of viable information and others are deliberate scare tactics.  Yes, be truthfully informed, but do not be fearful!

It is the light intensity to which you contributed that reached the Illuminati members who embraced it and became effective light warriors.  They had been captive of their own fear—fear of the light—and it was the constant beaming to them that penetrated that.  The same can happen with the remaining dark ones!  If need be to regain your steadfastness in sending forth love-light to those lacking it, send it to Earth herself!  To you who never have wavered, we ask that you intensify your beaming!

We understand that you may regard our plea as “easy for us to say” because we don’t know what it is like to be “in your shoes.”  Not only have many of us at this station experienced multiple physical lifetimes in fearful circumstances in the universe, but our love energy bonding with you lets us feel exactly what you are feeling.  It is true that in these higher vibrations those feelings cannot last as they do on Earth, but our love for you does not permit the absence of empathy.

In these troubled hours on Earth, we can see from our vantage point what you cannot from yours: the bright dawn of peace and love at your doorstep.  Stay the course toward this world on your near horizon, our beloved family, knowing that light beings throughout the universe are helping to speed your journey.

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