November 4, 2004

Light intensity greatly heightened by voters; two vital reasons election outcome is advantageous; harsh times will continue until dark energy runs its course

Matthew, hello dear. I have some questions, but you’re the one who called this meeting, so you go first.

Thank you, dear soul, and greetings to you, too. I feel it is extremely important for the people of Earth to know how you look to us. In a word, GLORIOUS! In the message two evenings past, I spoke of our joy in the amount of light being generated by the hearts of enthusiastic voters in the United States. What we are seeing now far surpasses the intensity of light you radiated that day!

Along with the bright light of enthusiasm there was a parallel streamer of anxiety about the election outcome, and now that light-dimming element is gone. Yes, there is widespread disappointment among the population that didn’t want to see the Bush administration continue in office, but far stronger is their determination to more actively than ever before work toward the changes that are essential for the health of your planet. Their energy is not in the negativity of bemoaning loss, but in their positive resolve to bring about those changes for worldwide benefit.

Further, the jubilation of the population that desires the Bush administration to continue its course is adding light just as surely. They genuinely feel that he means what he says about ending global terrorism and they feel at peace knowing that he retained his office. So, however divided the country’s people may be on the political issues and the election outcome, a greater brilliance of light is now being generated.

Along with this, I want to tell you the two crucial reasons that the outcome is far, far more advantageous than is logical for you to think. I say “logical to think” because so few are aware of what has been going on behind the scenes. Eventually the truth about the deception of the president and his cabinet throughout their years in control will come forth. When it does, the impact will be infinitely greater on a “sitting” administration than a former one. This is necessary so that Bush’s adherents will be shocked into reconsidering everything that has transpired under his leadership. They will realize that deliberately creating fear has been his intent and his power over them—they will be shaken out of their blindness and forced to start thinking more deeply than formerly.

The second reason is of equal importance. If Kerry had emerged the victor, his adherents—indeed, much of the world!—would have held great hope that his policies would lead to peace, to environmental protection, to greater economic stability, to kinder, more just treatment of those who, under the former presidency, were disenfranchised in many areas of basic needs and constitutional rights. That hope would not have been realized. None of the campaign promises would have come to fruition, and the dawning of that truth eventually would have led to despair and, added to the revelations about the former administration, the fact of total betrayal would have sent that nation to its knees. The divine plan, which you do know at soul level, is to have the progression of disclosures and new leaders with wisdom and spiritual integrity unfold in a more orderly fashion to avoid chaos and minimize governing disruption.

So you see, for the good of Earth, the election outcome HAD to be what it was. Only now can I divulge that high light beings both off and on planet played a major role in swaying the battle of the two Illuminati factions in the final days before the “victor” was declared.

Matthew! …. OK, I can see that now. But if that could be done, why wasn’t John Joseph Kennedy put into the White House?

Because that isn’t within your reality. I don’t mean your personal reality, Mother, but the national reality—relatively speaking, his name was known to only to a handful of voters. You saw that in microcosm when you asked for a write-in ballot. The people around you were astonished and the volunteers at the registration table had no idea there were such forms until you insisted that there must be some there, and after a few minutes of discussing this among themselves and looking in boxes, someone found one for you.

But just think what it would have meant for our world if the ETs had implanted his name in everyone’s brain when they went to vote and he’d be our next president.

Mother, that’s pretty much what the dark forces do, not the light forces!

I know, dear. Well, even when the truth comes out about all of this, our country still will be sharply divided about the right for same sex couples to marry, abortion to be a woman’s choice, marijuana for medical reasons, physician-assisted suicide, stem cell research—on and on. There’s disagreement on how to end terrorism and there’s still a lot of racial, ethnic and cultural prejudice. These are deeply rooted divisive feelings, so how can we ever be a truly unified nation?

Mother, you are right, of course, about those feelings being deeply rooted, but you aren’t considering that when people “see the light” about their government’s betrayal, this new knowledge will open their minds into soul-searching, and that will generate higher frequencies. Within these higher frequencies is more spiritual awareness, and honoring the right of others to their free will choices and respecting others’ differences is inherent in that. This won’t happen overnight, but along with all of the other wondrous developments as Earth approaches the higher vibrations within fourth density, you will see that respect for others emerging, too.

That makes me feel better. Not only because it will be a lot more pleasant here, but you’ve said that Earth wants as many of her souls to accompany her as possible, and it would seem that people who are determined to impose their will on everyone else probably wouldn’t be making the trip.

Some of them won’t be. However, as I’ve often mentioned, that is not punishment—it is the opposite. Those souls will be taken to a world where learning opportunities will help them get past their need to control the lives of others—they are given another chance for spiritual clarity and soul evolution.

Yes. Last Tuesday you said you were the spokesperson for other high light beings, but you often say “we” in your own messages. What’s the difference?

When I am requested to speak on behalf of many, it is the collective voice in that message. When I’m speaking for just myself, I still know what all of us in these high stations are seeing, so it’s natural that I say “we.” Mother, if only I saw what I tell you, never would I say “we”!

OK, sweetheart—I understand! My last question is regarding what you said in your last message about “the times of turmoil that will precede the Golden Era”—what exactly did you mean by that?

Energy once set in motion must run its course, it cannot be abruptly cut off. I’ve said that recently, too. The momentum of the actions initiated by your government during the past four years will be fueled by the uninterrupted thoughts and feelings that got those actions underway. Yes, there will be—and have been— intervention by your space family when those actions would defy Earth’s free will choice for no more terrorism on the scale of 9/11, and they also will prevent the success of any attempts at nuclear detonations in space, which Creator decreed will not be allowed. But other than the non-allowance of those kinds of events, very harsh times will continue as the energy plays out its momentum.

And Mother, it doesn’t matter who occupies the Oval Office—this same situation would exist because both Illuminati factions have the same intention, to control your world. Their strategies differ, but the agenda is the same, and that agenda is to conquer other countries through fomenting civil wars, economic enslavement or outright invasion.

Lessening the duration and intensity of those objectives is in your hands, and this is the joyousness we feel as we see the people of Earth uniting more strongly than ever before to end wars and tyranny, to preserve and restore natural resources, and to help all who are suffering! This is why you chose this lifetime, why you chose spiritual enlightenment, courage and vision! And it’s why we urge you to stay the light course in the turmoil ahead that is playing out the last vestiges of the darkness.

Mother, I wish to end this with the same words of the collective voice: Our beloved Earth family, we are with you!

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