October 20, 2004

ET light beings vigilant; pre-election activity from high light vantage point; “energy bump” after election; individual and collective karma still in effect; dire environmental predictions will not come to pass; why we must ask for ET assistance beyond Earth’s own requests

Matthew, hello dear! There’s an Internet report about Dick Cheney’s threat to launch a “devastating armed attack of an unimaginable magnitude” that he would plan and execute himself if Kerry is elected. The quotes attributed to him make him sound like a lunatic, and what’s unimaginable is that he’d say those things in public, so even though the report sounds legit, just maybe it’s the product of dirty politics. Whichever is the case, I’m thinking that the purpose is to create fear.

Mother, hello to you! Always fear is a principal aim of any such political maneuver because the energy of fear is incompatible with the energy of light. I have no personal knowledge of Mr. Cheney’s remarks, but whether they were spoken or were fabricated, they are authentic insofar as showing the desperation within the dark ones—they know their long era of control is rapidly ebbing and their behavior has become increasingly irrational.

Are all the ET troops on the planet and in the skies on double alert to prevent terrorist attempts on that scale regardless of who has that in mind?

Absolutely! As I’ve stated in several messages, they cannot prevent the smaller random efforts by individuals who are motivated by hatred and revenge, and for a while you can expect those to continue. Many such instances that are attributed to Iraqi “insurgents” or to Al Qaeda are the handiwork of CIA members that you might call “rogue” groups, those that are under the control of the two Illuminati factions. Either way, the free will of those who order or execute that kind of terrorism cannot be denied, but in response to Earth’s request and God’s authorization, our space family may intervene in any attempts of major proportion.

And as I also have mentioned, they have done this on numerous occasions that can be timed to the US government’s color alert system. Who would know better when to expect terrorism on a major scale than those who plan it? Even though those attempts have been foiled, the public’s fear that they might happen served the intention of the darkness to that degree, to keep the fear flowing.

How is this pre-election time seen from your vantage point?

We see quite a show of fireworks in the field of potential, and we are occasionally joyous but more often saddened by what we see. It is with joy that we see men like John Joseph Kennedy and Daniel Rezac, just as Dennis Kucinich did, courageously stepping forward to offer an option to the Democratic and Republican party platforms, both of which focus on war as the prerequisite to peace. It is with joy that we see members of Congress and influential people elsewhere speaking out for disclosure of evidence of corruption. The energy of those who are registering voters is momentum for the light because of their intent, to rally the nation’s people to make their choices known, and the same is true for the many who are signing up, and this is joyous to see.

On the other hand, there are the two major candidates saying “I am the one who will make our country safe and economically strong” all the while knowing that the opposite is their intention. And we are saddened as well by the widespread trust that votes for either man will count when they will not. It is sad to see so many people making political issues of their personal convictions that would deny others the right to their convictions.

The various polls are deluding people who think they are indications of what is happening, but the polls are only telling them what to think is happening—actually, what to think, period. I don’t mean that we are saddened by these political maneuvers per se, but rather by the souls who are still clinging to their dark ways of control and the vast number who remain unaware of their government leaders’ deception.

Yes, I understand. It seems that a large voter turnout is expected. Is that what you see?

Well, we see the energy of the collective thoughts, feelings and motives behind all of the political activities, and you know from what I just said that much of that is not a pretty picture; however, a large voter turnout will add to the light.

So even voting for Kerry or Bush would be a good thing?

Mother, voting is a good thing! There is a positive effect to the very act of voting!

Matthew, how can votes for Kerry be “positive” if people don’t really want him as president and their only intention is to get Bush out?

The intention is to stop what your president has been doing, and the voters who will cast their ballots for Kerry—many of them anyway—believe that the world will be safer and better if there is a change in the administration. At least that is their hope, and in hope there is light.

I see. So, who will win?

While activities are still in such commotion in the field of potential, it is not possible to tell you the election outcome because—and even your polls show this—neither Bush nor Kerry has a consistent lead. The two factions of the Illuminati, each backing one of the candidates, are battling ferociously for dominance, and the infighting is showing about equal strength. Yes, it’s continuously dipping to one side or the other but the seesawing is rhythmic and giving neither side a firm edge. The glances of enmity between Bush and Kerry are real—for them it is an ego trip and they know that for their respective factions, winning the presidency is a large step toward ruling the world.

Whereas in much earlier times in political history the Illuminati was a cohesive group, unified by their singular goal of global domination, egos got in the way and the two factions oozed into being. As time went by and new generations came in, the struggle for dominance widened the first slit of divisiveness into today’s chasm, and that is good news! Their ages-old tool, “divide and conquer,” has been turned in on themselves.

Was 9/11 carried out by the Illuminati faction that Bush is part of?

That was the one occasion in recent history when it was a joint effort. There was no disagreement whatsoever within the ranks about causing the trauma that reverberated around the world as it was designed to set the tenor for the war that both factions wanted. They have the same aim, as I’ve said, and it’s only a matter of which one becomes more powerful and either absorbs the other or knocks it out of the running. World domination is the intention of both, but for neither will it ever come to pass, and this is what must be at the forefront of your thoughts and feelings!

Another point here is, the faction that puts its candidate in the White House will not be on easy street in its trek to own the world. And world ownership is what is intended, because the most powerful of the dark ones own the multinational corporations and have instigated everything of negative significance on Earth since the birth of big business.

That truth is not widely known, of course, but the influence of these corporations on US government policies and activities is known, and that’s the reason the election is of such great interest globally. Although some people in other countries do know the truth, that US voters will not be “electing” their president, the vast majority do not and they are keenly interested in what they believe will be the people’s choice.

What will happen after the election?

There will be an energy “bump” when the new president is announced because those who didn’t vote for him will have feelings ranging from simply resignation to fear. This is a “prediction” we can make with accuracy, and it’s only from common sense when you consider the way the campaigning and reporting of voters’ views have evolved. Also it’s safe to say that the losing Illuminati faction’s current fervor about winning will turn to rage and new strategies to make gains in their quest.

Matthew, excuse me, but what do you mean by energy “bump”?

The momentum of the light will have a brief zigzag until it levels out, and energy-sensitive people will feel this. Mother, what I want to tell you that is CRITICAL to remember is, it isn’t going to matter who becomes president of the United States! If there is a change of face and personality, that is all that would change in the short run. In the long run—and I don’t mean a very long run!—everything about the political system in your country will change, and the courageous ones who have offered alternative directions, those whose objective is peace and they have the spiritual integrity and wisdom to reform what needs to be reformed, will be the new leaders.

Of course that’s encouraging, but until then, we have to live with things as they are. How far will the Patriot Act and Homeland Security go, and will the United Nations ever be effective in turning around the impoverished and oppressed countries?

Mother, there will be difficult times to weather before the darkness is totally removed from Earth. It would be unfair—more, it would be foolhardy—if we told you otherwise. If we gave you only a rosy picture, as time passed and what you call evil was still very apparent, you no longer could believe our messages. The situation is this: Oppressive laws and tyrannical regimes and Illuminati control of the United Nations, just as with all other organizations and institutions that impact your lives, must run their course. The energy that generated those into existence can be transmuted into light, but it cannot be abruptly cut off.

As individual chosen karmic experiencing is being accomplished with unprecedented speed, your collective karma is steering the planet’s progress in transmuting the negativity she must in order to reach fourth density. Some of you chose to journey physically with Earth into the higher vibrations, but many did not. Birthplace is never by accident—it is chosen with full knowledge that some places present dreadful hardships. Some of you chose to live with abundance and others needed to balance other lifetimes by living this one with deprivation and oppression.

And souls in traumatic situations whose experiencing has exceeded their karmic contract in that respect but other chosen lessons are incomplete, by divine grace are leaving early en masse with credit for full karmic learning. I know I have said this before, but it bears repeating here so you can put this into the context of what is and will be happening.

OK, dear, thank you. Many scientists feel that global warming is more a threat to Earth than any terrorism could be. What about this?

The scientists’ assessment of what is happening environmentally and their grave projections are based on what they know. However, just as they don’t know about ETs preventing major terrorism, they have no idea that what they are seeing is part of Earth’s ascendance into fourth density or how readily ET technology can reverse the damage that has been done to Earth’s body. I have mentioned previously that when the planet reaches fourth density, the planetary extremes of temperature will end and a temperate climate will prevail—the melting of the polar regions and glaciers is toward that end.

However, the situation will not reach the scientists’ dire predictions of massive flooding that will inundate coastal lands and cause irreversible damage to the ecosystem. At one time it was thought that landmasses and seas would have to be radically changed to rid Earth of accumulated negativity, but thanks to our space family’s assistance, no longer is that required. Yes, there will be more geophysical activity because more negativity has to be eliminated, and many species in the animal and plant kingdoms will disappear. But the current “food chain” among animals also will disappear and in time, species extinction will have no adverse environmental impact.

Matthew, sometimes waiting for all the darkness to end is almost “too much.” Some lightworkers can’t understand why the ETs aren’t stepping in to end the madness. I think all of us wish they would and we wonder why our collective desires don’t seem to have any effect.

Dear soul, they cannot “step in” as you wish, but please think of the immeasurable help they have been giving you! In addition to preventing major terrorism, they have permission to keep Earth stable in orbit, deflect the path of celestial bodies that could impact your planet, alleviate the effects of natural and manmade geophysical events, neutralize to the extent possible the effects of toxins in chemtrails and weaponry and other forms of pollution; and for decades they have been beaming light to you. They cannot exceed those areas of vital help that literally brought Earth back from death throes. If they could, they would! You have no idea of the boundless love these souls feel for you! Many are your direct ancestors and all are your space family!

And Mother dear, all of us know the anguish and heartache because the pain in your world seems to be escalating, not abating. We tell you the truth and give you hope, because both are essential for you to have. What is just as essential is for you to stay out of fear and discouragement and to stand firm in the light! This isn’t only for Earth’s sake or the sake of the billions who are suffering, it is for the sake of each of you. Earth is on course into the higher vibrations where the suffering will end. It is up to each of you to follow your inner voice and live in accordance with your soul contract so you can go along with her. Your spiritual strength is your personal salvation!

Yes, feel compassion and extend help to those in need. Yes, pray for enlightenment to come to those whose actions are causing pain and grief and fear for others. Yes, work toward peace, justness and cooperation. But please do not despair, do not judge.

We know that you cannot understand how we can look at your world and not end everything that is grievous. Please know that all we can do besides embrace you with love-light and provide help through technology is assure you that the dawn of peace and harmony is coming closer with each moment. Your belief in this is creating it!

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