Illuminations for a New Era

Illuminations for a New EraIlluminations for a New Era
Understanding These Turbulent Times

GOD: The days at hand are the final chapter of violence, hatred, grief, destruction, tyranny, and death as you know it on Earth. To all who pray for peace to come soon, for love and harmony to reign on Earth: I hear your prayers – they are my very own prayers! – and they shall be answered as we who desire this wish! I am forever with and within you.

MATTHEW: This is a critical time, the moment of everyone’s accounting for all choices throughout the lifetime, of deciding to accept the light and go along with Earth into the higher light frequencies or refuse the light and start back at the beginning of consciousness.

SAMINTEN: The help my civilization has been giving to Earth to restore her former health and glory is strengthening the assimilation of light within each of her receptive souls.

AESCHYLES: Our civilization, now nearing fifth density soul evolution, once was at the brink of self-destruction, just as you are today. Some of us, looking just like you, are in your midst adding light toward your salvation.

Talks with God, souls in Nirvana, representatives of two distant civilizations blue dot Healing power of love blue dot Effects of fear blue dot Universal reality blue dot Vibrations, densities blue dot Prayer blue dot Timelines blue dot Predictions, concepts blue dot Earth’s ascension blue dot Assistance from other worlds blue dot Planet X blue dot Earthbound souls blue dot More about Nirvana blue dot Iraq invasion

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Readers’ Comments

“I’ve just read Illuminations for a New Era and it is absolutely fabulous! I didn’t want to put it down and am now re-reading the chapter from Aeschyles. As soon as I finish that, I will re-read the chapter with the messages from Saminten. Their messages are so profound and it is so comforting to have verification of the wonderful support that is being given us by our space brothers and sisters. The awareness of their support creates a tremendous welling up of love within my being that spills out into the whole universe! Thank you for including their messages in your beautiful book.”

Suzy Star, Washington

“This third book in the series was received with greatest enthusiasm. Having read Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven and Revelations for a New Era, I could not wait to read the newest information from Suzanne’s sources. The information rings TRUTH. It is stated in an easy comfortable style of Q&A, just like a mother and son talking (which they are). The questions and answers are poignant, practical and timely. Every topic is treated with respect and even humor at times. Illuminations for a New Era covers the gamut from heaven to war, the economy, ET’s and Suzanne’s talks with God. This book is a must read for anyone wanting to have an understanding of what is being played out in our world today.”

Delores DeVore, Georgia

“I have finished reading Illuminations for a New Era and I am so grateful for all three Matthew books. I do not EVER reread books, but I am starting over with these. They are just too important, and such wonderful information deserves another…and another look. I will keep these as reference and inspiration and humor, too. I can’t tell you how many times I just laughed and expressed gratitude for what I was reading! These books explain to me just what I have been wanting and hoping to know. They show the way for some of my most potent focuses and meditations ever. I have to say this material is some of the most gratifying and enlightening and USEFUL that I have experienced. This info is splendid AND priceless!”

Marcia Keilee, Washington

“The latest Matthew Book, Illuminations for a New Era, presents pertinent topics of interest right now, including Earth’s ascension, chemtrails, media reporting, influence of the reptilian civilization, the universal light fortress, the healing power of love, how belief and prayer work, and the importance of not feeling fearful. I love this book because Matthew is coming from a place of Light and truth. His writings through his mother, Suzanne Ward, are profound, open, clear and nonjudgmental. God’s revealing talks with Suzanne make Him seem real instead of a distant, unknowable force. This book is a MUST read for those who want to know what is really happening on the planet.”

Valerie Donner, California

Illuminations for a New Era, the third in a series of Matthew Books, is not only permeated with the love between a mother and son, but with information critical to anyone who plans to occupy this transformational planet for the next few years. Matthew offers us insights and knowledge that not only shock and surprise, but also carry a message of TRUTH that so many of us seek. We are reminded, once again, of the love from a Creator who has never left us.”

Nancy Miller, Georgia

Illuminations for a New EraIlluminations for a New Era
Understanding These Turbulent Times

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