Amusing to Profound — My Conversations with Animals

Amusing to Profound
My Conversations with Animals I and II

Amusing to Profound: My Conversations with Animals

“I love to ride.” That’s what Sparkle said. The Brittany spaniel we adopted had just opened my telepathic communication with animals.

Since that day in 2002, many others in Earth’s animal kingdom also have talked with me. Their comments in this book show that the breadth and depth of their intelligence and emotions far exceed what is attributed to them.

Most of my conversations have been with dogs, some of whom have told me what Big Dog, the “canine angel,” teaches the puppy souls before they are born and how he guides them once they are here. They have told me about life “there,” the way they refer to the spirit world we call Heaven.

Dolphins, squirrels, deer, llamas, birds and a horse, sea lion, lizard and cricket also have talked with me. Like the dogs, some things they have said are astonishing, others are amusing, and all give glimpses into their hearts and minds.

Long before Earth’s recorded history, animals and people lived peaceably together and spoke telepathically. In a few short years, that once again will be commonplace in our world.

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