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Book Reviews

READING MATTHEW, TELL ME ABOUT HEAVEN brought me tears of joy, moments of elation and a profound new “innerstanding” of what life on Earth is all about and what happens to us after we die. In her first book compiled from material she telepathically received from her deceased son Matthew, Suzanne Ward first describes how terribly painful has been for her and her family their sudden separation from Matthew. Then she goes on to share with us a detailed account of the transmissions received from her son over the course of several years as she sat at her computer, recording the astounding revelations given by Matthew about where we all go when we die in preparation for yet another incarnation on Earth or elsewhere in the universe.

As I was reading, I suddenly realized that this opening of the Veil and revelation of what had been hidden to mankind for so long has the power to change the world beyond our wildest imaginings. Indeed! How could someone continue disregarding the consequences of every single thought, word and action when considering that for the rest of eternity we each have to live with them? How could it be life-and-business-as-usual after having been shown the importance of preparing for what is to be, once again, the most joyful reunion of souls sharing the wondrous experience of life in paradise?

This world will never be the same once this knowledge takes hold in a growing number of hearts and minds as it will spark the most profound spiritual revolution to ever grace this planet, just in time to achieve what French author André Malraux had predicted when he wrote “The 21st century shall be spiritual or won’t be.” As we all know deep within, something primordial has to change in the way we view each other and identify ourselves, for otherwise our world is not going to make it very far in the 21st century now just underway. It is my deeply-held belief that this book, and undoubtedly the second equally amazing book of Suzanne and Matthew, Revelations for a New Era, are being made available just in time to further stimulate this collective awakening to our true divine nature as children of the Universal Life emanating from the One God at the origin of all Creation.

This is not about religion or another new age fad. This is about the most vital awareness that can emerge only when we allow our divine Self to shine through unobstructed by ego-centered thoughts and the dampening density of the physical realm where we live for a given time, learning as we go that there is so much more to life than what our collective cultural trance has allowed us to grasp so far.

Jean Hudon Quebec
Author, The Immortal Child

MY FIRST IMPRESSION OF MATTHEW, TELL ME ABOUT HEAVEN is that Suzy Ward’s channelling of Matthew is of very high resolution—perhaps even as high as 99%—and that the material is totally trustworthy. You see, speaking to discarnate souls isn’t new to me, and from the experiences I had in 1989-1990, I can sense that Suzy is faithfully recording the telepathic impressions received while in emotional resonance with her late son, who is actually part of a highly evolved entity directly linked with Sananda or the Cosmic Christ. The name Matthew or Mateos can be taken to mean gift of God—and the association with one of the principal apostles of Jesus immediately comes to mind.

What’s significant about Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven is that Suzy comes across as an extremely down-to-earth and actually quite bland person with no specialized understanding of metaphysical notions and hardly any grounding in esoteric teachings. This is a plus for the totally uninitiated, who will find it much easier to identify with the material because it’s so basic. For this same reason, it’s a minus for those who have read the more esoteric books dealing with this subject.

But given the uplifting tenor of the book—and the possibility that it may reach millions who would otherwise not be prompted to look within themselves and feel the stirring of their own souls—I am entirely supportive of this project and, indeed, look forward to reading the second book. I’m pretty sure the ideas expounded upon in Revelations for a New Era will prove extremely interesting.

Antares, Malaysia

I HAVE JUST FINISHED READING MATTHEW, TELL ME ABOUT HEAVEN. I do not think I can do justice with mere words to the feelings this message inspired, but I will try. For the last two years I have had thoughts or, better put, it is a heartfelt knowing that things could be another way.

These premonitions I dared to share with only the closest to me. I felt that possibly believing that our consciousness is being stirred, I may be having intuitions about the way things could be here on Earth if we were to follow the spiritual paths intended. In reading Matthew’s words to his mother in describing his fourth dimensional realm, I realized that what I have been feeling and yes, almost seeing, may be remembrances from time spent there.

It is difficult to express the relief and joy I have gotten from the validation of these intuitions. Together they are helping to build a bridge between our worlds that will certainly accelerate our ascension beyond belief. After I started reading, it was difficult to put the book down to do the necessary things. It was a most glorious meal for the spirit. Bless you, Suzy and Matthew.

Eve Howard, Indiana

AS CIVILIZATION HURTLES TOWARDS THE ABYSS, a shout goes up from Earth. At the very last moment, the human race has found its voice—and a great cry echoes away into the Universe. And with only moments to spare, help does arrive, like a rope flung by the pilot of a hovering helicopter to a woman drowning in a storm-lashed sea…

Will she see the rope in time? Or is she already too far gone—and will she slip away beneath the waves?

An exaggeration of our present predicament? I think not. If anything, I believe it is a little understated. But that’s as may be. Here we most certainly are, in desperate trouble, and help has arrived. In the shape of a truly extraordinary book.

In 1980 Suzanne Ward was devastated by the death of her 17-year-old son Matthew after a driving accident. Quite convinced that he was alive in another world, but nonetheless struggling with almost intolerable pain, she sought word of him through mediums. Yes, he was indeed happy in his new and amazingly active life, so all the mediums told her. And when the time was right, she and her son would communicate directly.

Almost 14 years later, they did! And the result is what could turn out to be one of the most important books ever written: Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven.

The dialog between Matthew and his mother is nothing less than an instruction manual that can rescue the human race—just in time. It should be printed in every language, and read by—or to—everyone from the age of seven upwards.

It is probably the most complete picture the world has ever had of the Universe we all came from—and to which we will all return when our lives here have run their course. And just why it has been so long in coming is a question that deserves to be answered at the very first opportunity.

But that will come. This is now—so do get hold of your copy of this wonderful gift—a gift that is being offered to us all in the hour of our greatest need—and put everything aside, and read it. You will find Matthew to be the elder brother you always wished you had had. He is calm, strong, upright, honest, patient, forgiving—and filled with love. He is a prince among men and, all too obviously, it is giving him the greatest joy to fulfill his mission at last.

Suzanne’s own role in all of this has been the sacrificial one, the heroic one. Never can a mother’s grief have been turned to such good account; never can such riches and rewards for us all have been conjured out of a private tragedy.

Michael Joseph, United Kingdom

I HAVE JUST COMPLETED ONE OF THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE BOOKS describing the world beyond the other side of the veil. Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven is written by Suzy Ward in conversations with her departed son Matthew and offers one of the best tapestries of this fascinating Nirvana.

After 35 years of exploring this subject, I found that Matthew’s descriptions not only held my interest, but added to my knowledge. In addition, most of what he describes matches the best accounts written by others. Yet there were also some new areas of information that make this book well worth reading, even for veterans to the subject. It also offers us an important reminder that who we are and how we live our lives does in fact matter.

What was of particular interest to me as the author of Listening to Wild Dolphins, based on a decade of swimming and conversing with wild dolphins and whales throughout the world, was the description Matthew offers of how telepathic communication actually works and why this natural skill was lost to humanity. He also describes the kind of ecstasy, lightness of vibration, timelessness, and joy experienced on the other side that the dolphins also embody and that is available to humans if we would focus on bringing this potential within ourselves forward.

The other message that matches my own insights is that manifestations based on our thoughts and intentions are not only easily accomplished on the other side of the veil…but that they can also be accomplished by us here on Earth if we would place our focus, our thoughts, our intentions, our hearts, and our deeds on the kind of world we would like to create.

Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven not only helps us to understand the beauty of the other side, but to learn how to bring that beauty to our own world.

Bobbie Sandoz, Hawaii
Author, Listening to Wild Dolphins

IT IS SAID THAT THE VEIL IS THINNING between this dimension and the next. How can we doubt it? The Psychic Hotline entreats us, channelers fill the bookstores and airwaves, stories of angels and miracles swarm over our consciousness. Daily we find ourselves confronted with what would have been unimaginable to those only a few generations back. Even the most ardent seeker can be overwhelmed by the glut of material and information engulfing us.

Still we are not comforted. We are racked with inexplicable feelings of loss and despair, particularly in the face of death. And daily death claims more sizable portions of the human race, in war, disease, and catastrophe. Nor does it show any sign of relenting. If prophecies and prognostications are to be taken into account, we will be faced increasingly with the passing of our fellows out of our minds and lives, into…what?

I remember my first exposure to metaphysical literature: I was greatly interested, as a young man, in the theater. One of the first plays I participated in—ironically, it seems to me now—was JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. One evening, between scenes, I stumbled onto a copy of The Seth Material, which our man playing the role of Jesus had left lying about. It drew me like a magnet, and I snapped it up with relish. Once into it, though, I found it abstruse and hard to follow, at least to my undeveloped mind.

Truth is, I was mostly confounded and frustrated by its contents. I tried for years to assimilate, with apparently little success (or so it seemed). But it did touch something deep within me, without a doubt, provoking my intellect and confirming what I suspected intuitively: there was a Great Game afoot, even if I could not fathom the rules or comprehend the objective.

Flash forward 15 years: I was jolted awake at the age of 33 in no uncertain terms. I blinked awake one day during the Harmonic Convergence, and there was so much information available concerning the imminent Consciousness Shift I was at a loss to know where to leap in. Some advice from a channeler lent useful direction, and my ascent upon the Vertical Trail began. In terms of spiritual growth, it is hard to overstate the importance of the right book at the right time.

For a great many people awash in uncertainty and confusion, feeling the unmistakable stirrings of their own dormant Godness rousing from a lifelong torpor, the book that could unlock the Gates of Heaven, metaphorically and literally, might just be Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven. This gem from Suzanne Ward is a treasure trove of practical and accessible information concerning the Astral realm, and the transition from physical back to spirit form. It is a good and insightful “entry-level” handbook for those who may not be steeped in the language and dynamics of New Ageism, which is most of Earth’s population.

It is an important contribution, offering more than empty solace and benign reassurance to those who have endured the loss of a loved one: It takes you to the place where they have gone, holds your hand, and answers virtually all your questions along the way. In that, it is an invaluable “tour guide” for the many who are still terrified of death and what awaits them beyond this mortal vale. Few books I have read demystify the process so comfortably and accessibly as Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven.

These revelations offer more proof—for those who require such—that we are unquestionably being prepared and encouraged to move out of our collective amnesia and into an accelerated state of awareness that necessitates releasing primal, root-chakra fears, and making our forms suitable to house the Christ energy which will be the dominant force on Gaia in the age to come.

Randy Mitchell, North Carolina